Zenger Folkman’s “The Extraordinary Leader”

“The Authority in Strengths-based Leadership Development” “Zenger | Folkman is the world’s premier provider of leadership research, assessment, development, and implementation programs. The firm is best known for its unique evidence-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on organizations. It’s a well-developed and highly proven system that works.


The Extraordinary Leader – the core program of Zenger | Folkman – is a powerful leadership development system using strengths-based leadership development that’s built around a 360 multi-rater tool and producing a highly personalized development plan.

Zenger | Folkman has spent years researching and creating a best-in-class 360-degree assessment that measures an individual’s strengths and potential fatal flaws, and correlates those results to significant business outcomes like employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and sales / profits. The leadership development and training programs offered by Zenger | Folkman focus on building strengths and not on fixing weaknesses. “Leaders who build their strengths, rather than fix weaknesses, are more likely to become extraordinary leaders”. The leadership development programs of Zenger | Folkman are based on:

  • Empirical data and research evidence
  • Benchmarking against thousands of leaders across hundreds of industries
  • Normative comparisons: benchmarking leaders against the 90th percentile norm
  • A non-linear approach to develop strengths
  • Unique 360-degree feedback assessment process
  • A personal development plan focused on those things that will have the most
    impact on the performance of leaders and organization’s success.


  • HR.com and Leadership Excellence – 1st place, “Global Leadership Excellence”
    Award, given for Zenger Folkman’s flagship leadership development program, The Extraordinary Leader, 2014.
  • HR.com and Leadership Excellence – “Top Leadership Partner & Provider”
    Award, 2015, 2014(1st place)
  • TrainingIndustry.com – “Top 20 of Leadership Companies”, 2015,2014, 2011,
    and 2010
  • The Harvard Business Journal has named “The Extraordinary Leader” development program as one of the best leadership methods to develop leaders
    who make a difference.


Leadership Development Program- Zenger Folkman’s “The Extraordinary Leader”

Intrim has collaborated with CBE Group (Netherlands) – licensed partners of Zenger Folkman – for their Leadership4You platform, to bring “The Extraordinary Leader” intervention to India. Leadership4you is all about your personal leadership development. We conduct our Zenger | Folkman’s “The Extraordinary Leader” leadership development intervention through a 1.5-days workshop followed by one-on-one coaching (as per client needs).

The core philosophy behind the program is:

  • Extraordinary results are delivered through extraordinary strengths, and your organization needs you to be extraordinary.
  • If, after many years of working, there are some areas of weakness, then it is most likely due to the fact that the person is not really interested in these areas.
  • If an action plan focused on eliminating weaknesses is created, and actually
    completed, then at best the concerned leader will be a “good average” leader –
    which is not really in the organization’s interest.


  • Based on the 360 Degree Assessment Tool, strengths to develop towards
    “extraordinary” are identified through a CPO (Competence / Passion / Organization Need) matrix
  • The action plan is based on Research evidence (with statistically the highest probability of success) and is not a function merely of the combined opinion of the Facilitator and the Leader.
  • Only those weakness(es) which are critical to the role (“fatal flaws”) are identified for rectifying.
  • This entire intervention is not stressful, and the action plan is typically “on the job” Zenger | Folkman’s “The Extraordinary Leader” intervention is being used by the Top 500 Forbes companies to train their leaders to become extraordinary leaders. The leadership development programs offer inspiring and effective sessions with a combination of theory and practical experience and are conducted by certified facilitators of Zenger | Folkman.

Intrim, in collaboration with CBE-Leadership4you, Netherlands is the licensed partner of Zenger Folkman’s The Extraordinary Leader Program in India.

Some of the reactions / testimonials from India are

  • “Not only awesome, but this is also easy! I now feel confident to develop not only myself, but also guide my entire leadership team towards “extraordinary”. – CEO of a Travel Marketing Company
  • “Truly a powerful program … turned us all into one unified team focused on what we can do to drive business and work on our strengths to become great leaders.” – HR Head of a Food (FMCG) Company
  • “I never realized that there is another and more energizing way of looking at leadership development, through focusing on strengths. For the first time, I feel charged to work at it, and am confident that we’ll become much better leaders.” – HR Head of a Publishing Company.